Improving Communication and Collaboration at NAVSEA

 Capitol Presence established their relationship with NAVSEA in 2019 when we were awarded the Contract - Environment Audit and Automation Training.


The Need for New Solutions

In order to see how we could best help NAVSEA and determine next steps, Capitol Presence performed an audit of the current NVASEA environment which included a pull of current environment resources, meetings and interviews with current members, and an as-is understanding of current processes and procedures. From this audit, CPTL was able to build out the necessary functional requirements documentation, and create innovative to-be processes.

Development with Modern Tools

Capitol Presence was able to help NAVSEA map out their current processes and use Microsoft tools to build out proposed updates and workflows, while training users how to navigate their new work environent.


Microsoft Visio was used to create process maps of current as-is and proposed to-be processes to support the additional of automated workflows.


Users were given training on the fundamentals of SharePoint an Best Practices for collaboration and use in a modern work environment.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was used to streamline communication and collaboration 
within NAVSEA's environment. Users were trained and given best practices for the use of Teams and SharePoint.

Modern, Simple, and Efficient Solutions.

CPTL helped to set the stage for improved collaboration, communication, and efficiency by working directly with NAVSEA and its Champion users to develop:

  • Enhanced understanding of current environment and Microsoft applications.
  • Increased knowledge base of Microsoft products and solutions. 
  • Process development and Visio documentation of current and future environment.
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration within environment.
  • Established Champions Working Group for collaboration and new process adoption.
  • Real life use cases developed and understanding of SharePoint and collaboration environment. 
  • Understanding of current environment and Best Practices on how to optimize.
  • Strong understanding of next steps and proposed development solution to optimize environment through workflows. 

Optimized Results.

Capitol Presence supported the Navy in achieving its goals for improving customer satisfaction by providing Microsoft Collaboration consultation and training through process mapping, requirements building, use case identification, general user training, best practices and support for NAVSEA. Capitol Presence audited and outlined current processes and how to apply Microsoft best practices, to include Microsoft SharePoint, and training for use of current and existing environment as well as proposed future development.