Optimizing Processes during COVID-19 for Evoke Behavioral Health

 Evoke is a mid-size healthcare clinic that prioritizes the protection
and security of their information. They operate in a complex IT
environment with specific departmental requirements and industry
regulations, such as HIPPA. Evoke sought expert assistance from
Capitol Presence to optimize their systems, maintain a healthy and
secure environment, and leverage automation capabilities to comply
with Federal, State, and Local guidelines during the COVID-19

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The Need for New Solutions

There were several main areas of need identified for more efficient solutions:

  • Lack of Secure Patient and Visitor Information Input: Evoke required a secure way for patients and visitors to input their information into their systems, which didn't exist previously.
  • Secure Data Housing for Reporting and Check-out: The data needed secure storage for historical records and reporting while preventing internal and external access to personal data during
  • Urgent Development and Deployment: Evoke needed a rapid application development and hardware implementation to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and ensure operational continuity.

Development with Modern Tools

Capitol Presence was able to identify applications that were built within legacy environments and modernized them through them through the use of customizable Microsoft tools. 

Microsoft Power Platform

CPTL implemented a low-code-no-code solution in Microsoft Power Apps to rapidly develop an application that could be used on a tablet terminal at the clinic locations.

Microsoft 365

The data was housed securely in their Microsoft 365 environment and had security permissions attached to it so non-mission critical internal members could not access the data.


The solution was expanded upon during expansion to multiple locations and more employee functionality was implemented.  A singular list was created to show all visitors at all locations.

Azure Active Directory (Azure Identity)

A pin code was assigned to members checking in to prevent members from seeing members who were checked in and created a unique identifier for members looking up their own records for checking out.

Modern, Simple, and Efficient Solutions.

Transparent Tracking: The solution increased transparency by accurately tracking who was
present at each location, their duration, purpose of visit, and overall foot traffic.

Touchless Self-Check-in System: The implemented system allowed visitors, patients, and employees to check themselves in using touchless self-service kiosks, including temperature checks. The solution was continuously updated to align with evolving COVID-19 policies.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency: Weekly reviews and environment optimizations by Capitol Presence improved productivity and efficiency. Bottlenecks were identified and resolved, processes were streamlined, and automation was introduced.

Optimized Results.

Evoke was rapidly able to amend policies and their check in process to abide by Federal, State and Local laws and policies surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic. CPTL ensured that all data and information was successfully captured with a touch free check-in and check-out process, allowing visitors to go about the process in a full self-service kiosk. The process not only kept them in compliance with Government policy, but expanded upon their policy of location reporting, and allowed clinics to expand this data reporting to multiple locations through a singular application. With regular reviews, proactive threat prevention, and streamlined deployment processes, We were able to maximize the benefits of Microsoft 365, improve productivity, and enhance their overall IT operations, all while setting the application up for future improvements and data reporting.